Sony's Pro HDV Camcorders Offer Hybrid Tape and Solid-State Recording

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Sony rolled out a couple of sweet tape-based HDV camcorders for pros and well-heeled hobbyists, and both of them can shoot 1080p, 24p and 30p natively. They can also be outfitted with a solid-state recorder that snaps onto the back or side of the camera, recording HDV 1080i onto a garden-variety CompactFlash memory card. So now if pros don't want to go with Sony's PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX solid-state memory camcorder that the company recently rolled out, either one of these muthas will let them record on HDV tape and onto a flash memory drive at the same time. There are even more juicy pro-level features included, too.

Also along for the ride are interchangeable lenses with a 1/3" bayonet mount, three 1/3" ClearVid CMOS sensors, improved low light performance and down-conversion to standard-definition DV right out of the camera. Sony also rolled out its HVR-M35U HDV deck to go along with the pair of new camcorders, all of which will be available in February, 2008. The handheld model HVR-Z7U will sell for $6,850, the shoulder-mounted HVR-S270U will be $10,500, and that HVR-M35U deck will be $5540. [Sony Professional]