Sony's Vaio L Works as Full PC or Simply a TV

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Sony unveiled their promising touchscreen all-in-one PC earlier this week, but we had little idea how it really worked. A new video walks us through the entire $1300, 24-inch system, and it looks pretty nice:

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However, the most notable feature compared to its competition —and one not necessarily new to the Vaio line—is that the PC portion of the system can be turned off, allowing you to only power the device solely as an LCD monitor (should you just want to play on your console or something). For those of us living in already tight quarters, knowing that your all-in-one can also be your TV (and not just for Sony's built-in DVR, Blu-ray player or, of course, straming Hulu) is extremely handy. [Sony via Engadget]

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quim barreiros

good, now i can watch porno in the same device, touch all-in-one :) just kidding