Sorting Out The Clues, Homages And Secrets In The New Predators

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We rooted through pages of concept art and studied the brand new Predators trailer shot for shot, to try and uncover all the secrets and nods inside Robert Rodriguez's new Predators film. Check out the weird creatures we spotted.

First up, check out what we learned by scrolling through the Predators trailer. There are plenty of fantastic references to past Predator outings — our favorite is the Jesse Ventura nod, new alien creature that will kill you, and the first ever mask-off Predator spotting.


Here is a closer look of the Predator hounds, from the Predator website — with captions written by Rodriguez himself.

Wired snapped a handful of gorgeous Predator concept art from the film's SXSW panel, especially one interesting picture of the new slender Predators which Rodriguez described as the ipods of Predators. Check out their site for Predator bugs, art, and more Q&A details.


And finally MTV announced that new Predators material won't be limited to the screen. Dark Horse Comics is planning series of prequels and sequels comics.

Marc Andreyko will write "Predators: Welcome to the Jungle," a four issue miniseries shipping every week in June featuring a back-up story called "A Predatory Life" written by David Lapham.


The film will be in theaters July 7th, which is just not soon enough.