Sound System Coffin Lets Audiophiles Rock Out For Eternity

It almost looks like an over-the-top prank by the Onion, but this $30,700 coffin—equipped with speakers and a wireless streaming sound system—is apparently real. Even its name, the CataCombo Sound System, seems like something made up for an SNL commercial parody. But if you can't bear the idea of spending the afterlife without your favorite playlist, this is the coffin for you.


The system comprises three separate components: CataPlay, a custom application that lets you, or your loved ones, build and manage a playlist. CataTomb, an upgradeable server (after all, innovation doesn't stop when your body does) with a 4G connection that streams tunes from Spotify and displays track data on a 7-inch display.

And then there's the CataCoffin itself, your typical wooden burial box but accentuated with a pair of 2-way speakers and an 8-inch subwoofer that have been fine tuned for each coffin's interior. It seems like a lot of money and hassle for someone that's going to be a pile of dust in a few months, but at least paying it off over a couple of years will help keep them in your memory.

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[Catacombo via Geekologie]



I don't know why they cushion coffins. I don't care what my coffin's made of - I'm gonna be dead! Just chuck me in a hole and hope I don't fester diseases.