Sound Uncovered: What Does Sound Do To You?

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Experiencing something hands on is the best way to learn about it and sound is no exception, a maxim that's proven in the San Francisco Exploratorium's new Sound Uncovered app.

What does it do?

Lets you play with sound in six different first person experiences. For example, it teaches you about pitch in a brainteaser section where you have to find the highest note.


Why do we like it?

Sound Uncovered is inventive, it's interactive, and it will make you think about the equipment in between your ears that actually makes you hear. The app poses questions. For example, it'll show you two cars and ask you which one you want to buy based on the sound of each vehicle's door closing. These are things you wouldn't think about otherwise—why would sound play into making a car more appealing? The answer might surprise you. Or did you ever wonder about if you say a word enough times, it starts to sound funny. There's a science-based answer to that question. And Sound Uncovered will teach you that and more, and it might make you appreciate everyday noises a little more.


Sound Uncovered

Download this app for:

The Best:

Learn the age of your ears

The Worst:

Listening to your own voice