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Just like HP said no to its plus-size DLPs this morning, Soundmatters too is cracking down on its overly plump speakers. Their latest model, the ultra-thin SLIMstage, is just 3.4 inches thin (skinnier than some flat panels) yet it's still capable of belting out "convincing" stereo and 5.1 signals. The 210-watt soundbar has a built-in amp along with nine bass drivers and Dolby/DTS surround processing. Input-wise you get three digital audio ins (two optical, one coaxial) and three analog stereo inputs. Sounds nice on paper, but how will this sub $1k soundbar do in person? Considering Soundmatters' previous models have faired well, my hopes are high for the SLIMstage. We'll have to check it out in person at CES.


Soundmatters Slimstage: Surround Sound from One Speaker [Crave]