HP Turning Off the Lights on its DLPs?

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It was a short lived marriage, but it appears HP is letting go of its DLP line of TVs. The company's road map for 2007 is rear projection-free and instead focuses on thinner LCD and plasma models. Even in the gadget world, fat ain't cool. So what can we expect from HP in 07? Lots of beautifully thin plasmas and LCDs. The company has boosted its LCD line into the 42- and 47-inch range while bringing 1080p goodness to the mix. It's wireless MediaSmart models are also getting a resolution bump, from 720p to 1080p. I still think HDTVs with wireless built in are gimmicky, but it's nice to see HP embrace 1080p across their line up, even if it means sacrificing a few fatties for it.


Is HP Ditcing DLP TVs? [Crave]

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