Source: iPhone Either Getting Delayed or Will Have Thin Launch

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Whispers on the street have it that Apple has run into some issues with the iPhone's OS, preventing a solid supply of the much-ballyhooed phone to hit stores in time for the launch. A source from the manufacturer has this to say on the situation: "It does not look feasible that Apple will be able to ship units out in May to make the shipping date in the US (June), so expect units to trickle by end of June or early July."

Apparently, Apple has sent 50 engineers to Taipei to work around the clock to get the bugs worked out so the iPhone can ship on time. That's a lot of engineers. The source claims that such a shift in manpower is part of the reason Leopard was delayed. We're not sure how likely it is that Apple would send that many people halfway around the world, but anything is possible. Take it with a grain of salt.

Is it just me, or is the iPhone sharing more traits with the much-maligned Playstation 3 than anyone cares to admit? Let's see: The pricing is exactly the same ($500 and $600 models), there are manufacturing delays that are going to make for a very unpleasant launch, and both products are banking on the popularity of their predecessors to become huge sellers. Add to that a touchscreen without tactile feedback that might not be what people are expecting and this might not be the home run that Apple (and everyone else) is anticipating.


These are, of course, just rumors, and it's entirely possible that the iPhone will roll out as smooth as honey in mid-June, with thousands upon thousands of people lining up to toss more money at Apple. In any case, it should be interesting.

Source: iPhone running into OS issues, won't meet demand [Ars Technica]

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I don't think Verizon is upset that they don't have the iPhone. They had a chance to have it, and they passed. Don't you think VZW executives would know people would be calling about the iPhone, and all of the hype surrounding it? But they didn't want to be part of Apple's revenue sharing plan and give up their 1st born child, which is what Apple wanted for the exclusive use of their phone. VZW has arguably the strongest network in the US, and since I use my phone for making phone calls, I'd like cell service that will work almost anywhere in the US. And people can argue that VZW phones can't be used internationally, but if you don't travel overseas, who cares? And others will argue that VZW doesn't have good cell phone coverage, but when Consumer Reports has VZW ranked tops in almost every major city, how can you go wrong with unbiased testing. Maybe a lot of people will flock to Cingular for the iPhone, but after 2 months of consistent dropped calls or lack of cell coverage, there will be plenty of complaining.