South Korean Man Operates Dropbox for Abandoned Baby Disposal

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Seoul pastor Lee Jong-rak has an unusual operation going on in his house. Caring for disabled kids isn't anything out abnormal for a religious charity—but having a literal baby dropbox attached to the side of your home, is.

Lee created the box—an enclosed, mailbox-style bin with a blanket and a lightbulb—after the birth of his own deformed child turned him on to the cause of their protection and upbringing. Now, he cares for 21 disabled kids in his unofficial orphanage, the LA Times reports, funded by government welfare and private donations. It's without doubt a hell of a great cause—but some questions remain open.


Does the box encourage parents to abandon their kids?
Is a guy with no medical training of any sort capable of caring for over twenty seriously disabled patients?
What happens when a baby's already in the box? What happens when five babies are already in the box?
How do the babies breathe in the box?
What's stopping someone from stealing the babies out of the box?

And so forth. The box has a bell to alert Lee when the door's opened, but there still seem to be some technical (and social) questions unresolved.


But beyond that, he seems like a good dude doing good things. Just knock the kinks out, Lee. [via LA Times, Photo: Shutterstock/holbox]