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South Korea's Mr. Toilet House Is Now an Official Toilet Museum

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Are you sitting down? OK, good. Now, where are you sitting down? Maybe you should mosey on over to the throne room and perch that laptop on your knees. Mr. Toilet House, you see, is now an official Toilet Museum.


Back in 2007, we told you about Korean Sim Jae-duck, the ambitious chairman of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association, and his unique home. Shaped like a toilet bowl, it was a 4,508 sq. ft. tribute to the water closet. Indeed, the reason Jae-duck created the home was to give greater recognition to the humble toilet and the heavy load this under-appreciated fixture must bear, each and every day.


He had also hoped the house would lead to cleaner restrooms around the world. An admirable goal that—here in Boston, at least—is soundly defeated time and time again by riders of our public transportation train network, the T.

But now the toilet house is a museum, and Giz reader Noam was actually there to snap a few photos of it this past December. Today, we are all beneficiaries of these photos, although I would have preferred a few more of the glass-enclosed toilet that allegedly occupies the bowl—er, courtyard excuse me—at the center of the structure. [Flickr - Thanks, Noam]