Speck's Cardboard-Friendly VR Goggles Fold Flatter Than Your Phone

First revealed earlier in the year at CES, Speck’s ultra-thin folding Pocket-VR viewer is finally available for those who want to dabble in virtual reality and are looking for a cost-effective solution that falls somewhere between Google’s cheap Cardboard and Samsung’s pricey Gear VR.

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What your $70 alternative to Oculus Rift gets you is a VR viewer made of durable plastic—not cardboard—that cleverly folds flat so it’s slim enough to stash in a pocket. Designed for either the iPhone 6/6s or the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Pocket-VR won’t actually work with other smartphones since it requires them to be wrapped in an included case for the viewer to properly and securely assemble.


The Pocket-VR’s open design gives full access to the touchscreen and buttons on whichever smartphone you’re using it with, which solves a an annoyance with Google’s Cardboard viewer. You’re definitely paying a premium for that convenience here, but also its well though-out design that you can quickly whip out and use anywhere.

[Speck via The Verge]

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There’s about $0.37 worth of injection molded plastic here. Someone tell me what makes it worth $70?