Spherical Egg Discovered in England

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Don't adjust your monitors, people. What you're looking at is a real, honest to goodness Grade A spherical egg. What does it taste like? What was the aspect ratio of the chicken that produced it? What does it mean?

James Church, a 27-year-old hotel chef from Cornwall, England, discovered the culinary wonder on a recent morning shift. He says he's cracked over 100,000 eggs in his eight years in the kitchen and never has he seen anything like it. He recounted the find to The Sun:

I stood for a few moments in awe because I had never seen anything like it. I called everyone in the kitchen over and they stood around it too. They had never seen anything like it either.


Neither had we! So we searched. There weren't a great deal of egg-ball sightings on Google, though we did find this YouTube video that purports to show another round egg, posted in 2008. It's looks pretty round, but not quite as round as Church's:

So, have you ever come across one of these things? [The Sun]