Spider-Man Casting Rumor Mill Already Underway

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Does the Spider-Man movie reboot already have a new Peter Parker in place? Has the villain already been chosen and cast? If you believe the rumors going around, the answer to both is yes. Just don't ask the actors named.

Rumors have it that Disney actor David Henrie is up for the title role in Marc Webb's currently-unnamed Spider-Man movie, and that Clive Owen will appear opposite him as classic villain Kraven the Hunter. Henrie, who appears in Disney's The Wizards of Waverly Place said,

I am very blessed that the rumor is even going around and I am very happy about it. That would be a dream role for me. I think a month ago I saw something pop up on Google Alerts that said, 'David Henrie Might be the next Spider-Man' and it's been spreading around ever since. I am just happy to read it.


Although we love the admission that he Googles his name, we don't think that's a confirmation just yet, and Owen is even more dismissive:

That's the first I've heard [of the role]. My girls would like me to do it though.


Let's put on our Jamie Hyneman mask and quietly call both of these busted, shall we?

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