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If you're not a morning person, or are dealing with a nasty hangover, the clinking sound of a spoon stirring a mug of coffee could drive you insane. And the fact that you can't buy this clever Pegtop ridged mug that automatically stirs its contents when spun on a plate might annoy you even more.


Instead of a smooth inner surface, the mug has a pair of rounded angled ridges on the inside that serve to mix up the liquids inside as it turns. So if you know how to spin a top, you've already got the hang of using it.

Unfortunately, save for an incredibly convincing video that shows both a simulation of the mug and a working prototype, not much is known about the Pegtop concept—including whether or not it will ever go into production. Which is too bad, because with it and that whirlpool pot in your kitchen, you may never have to stir again. [YouTube via HomeChunk]


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