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Oh boy, it's Friday again. Our favorite day of the week other than Saturday and Sunday, where we can play with our gadgets without worrying that we have THINGS to do. If we somehow invented a time machine, we'd time hop from Friday to Friday, always visiting on the day of the week everyone's most looking forward to. We'd also be growing old in anti-dog years, aging one year for every seven years everyone else is. Too bad, they should get a time machine too, courtesy of our sponsors. Thanks Autotrader, Bose, Chevy Fuel Solutions, Clone Wars Soundtrack, Coors Light, Sony Crackle, Equifax, Gamestop, Hotflopw, Lenovo, Microsoft Windows, Puma, Samsung, Sharp Aquos, Sprint, Starwood Aloft Hotels, Stolichnaya, T-Mobile, Toshiba Gaming, Unscrew America and Verizon! Sponsor us


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My time machine doesn't go any further than this. At least I can comment here though.

The last couple hundred pages were so infuriating, not being able to comment, even though that's all I wanted to do.

Also, this: [gizmodo.com]