Sprint Basically Confirms Verizon's Getting the Pre in January

Illustration for article titled Sprint Basically Confirms Verizons Getting the Pre in January

You can almost hear Sprint PR's James Fisher teeth grind as responds to Verizon blabbing they'll have the Pre in 6 months: "We have the Pre through 2009." Meaning Verizon's totally getting the Pre in January. Update: Blurb from Sprint spokesman, not CEO. [SmartMoney via BGR]

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I'm still leaning towards switching to Sprint.


1)For the $99/mo I now pay for all you can eat voice only with Verizon, I can get unlimited voice/data/text w/ Sprint.

2)If reception is poor in your house (VZW is anyway for me, I have to roam on US Cellular's tower) Sprint offers the Airave that basically plugs into your broadband and provides a mini cell tower in your house. I've read that you can get it for free w/ no monthly charge if you call customer service and complain about reception.

3) Verizon tends to dumb down their smartphones (maybe they won't for the Pre), for example their HTC's tend not to have Wifi, free gps, etc like their Sprint/ATT counterparts.