Sprout Umbrella Design

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Even though it doesn't rain all that much here, we're suckers for an awesome umbrella design. Whether it's the lightsaber-grip umbrella,the lightsaber-shaft umbrella, or this Sprout umbrella, we're all for umbrellas.


What's special about this umbrella is the way it unlocks. You turn the knob to unlock the canopy, which then forces the knob down the umbrella and the canopy up through the shaft. You get the idea, so we'll quit all this knob and shaft talk now before someone gets hurt.

Matt Swinton's Design Site [Coroflot]

Sprout Umbrella [Yanko Design]


Stop being a bitch and using an umbrella of any kind. Better yet don't use one at all. Be a man and walk in that acid rain, it's good for your immune system.