Stable, Sane Young Man Installs DIY RFID Implant into His Hand

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Some people are sick of waiting for the RFID implant controversy to play out, and at least one of those people is taking action. YouTube user Quethe has posted a video demonstrating his own RFID implantation technique, involving a terrifying pencil-size needle and a chip designed for pets, which he is using for a predictably unnerving purpose. Also — and Quethe makes this quite clear — this implant does not mean that he is the Antichrist. Phew! Mildly NSFW video and generally unhinged Millenialist ruminations after the jump.

I implanted a RFID chip in my hand. I injected the chip myself from supplies bought on the internet. This tag is readable from up to 2 inches from my hand. I am currently using it to open my handgun safe for instant access. I can have a gun in hand in one second in blackness without fumbling with buttons or codes. If you are convinced that this is the "Mark of the Beast", then from one Christian to another I hope you read the Book of Revelation and apply more understanding to it that what you hear from those who only offer fear.

Get your Gideons/veterinary surgery kits out and check out Quethe's full posting at BoingBoing Gadgets or YouTube [BBG]

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I tried to think of an informative or insightful comment but I have to go with my gut on this one.

What an a$$hole.