Stand Out in the Corporate World With This Geeky Tetris Watch

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Following up on its Pac-Man and Space Invaders watches, Romain Jerome has just revealed a stylish new timepiece that manages to incorporate Tetris elements without looking like something you got for free with a video game pre-order.

But with just 84 pieces being produced, the Tetris-DNA watch is simply not something you’re going to find for sale in your local Electronics Boutique. If you’re trading in used games to help you afford new titles, you probably don’t have $19,000 lying around to buy a watch.

For those with plenty of disposable income, though, and a soft spot for the video games they grew up playing, Romain Jerome’s Tetris-DNA is a chance to stand out in a stuffy corporate world dominated by Rolexes and Tag Heuers. The watch’s dial is covered with a random pattern of colorful anodized aluminum Tetrominos, and surrounded with a brick pattern featuring the laser-engraved Tetris logo. Plus, the case is also made of black titanium, the same material they use in fighter planes, so it will obviously give you stealth-like powers*.


*Stealth-like powers not guaranteed.

[Romain Jerome via Perpetuelle]

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