Star Trek Was The Most Exciting 76 Seconds Of The Last Year - Official

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Not content with being this year's most successful movie so far, Star Trek is seeking out new frontiers to be successful in. Like, for example, being named the best trailer of the year.

The plaudit came from the 10th annual Golden Trailer Awards, held last week in LA, which gave the trailer for JJ Abrams' franchise reboot not just the "Best In Show" award, but also the "Summer 2009 Blockbuster Award." Other winners at the ceremony included Wall-E (Best Animation/Family), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Best Video Game) and The Spirit, which won the "Golden Fleece Award," which is awarded to the best trailer(s) of the worst movie(s)." I guess it's good to know that the movie will be remembered for something...

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