Early in the LucasArts game, the protagonist seen above would be killed by Boba Fett, whom players would control from then on out. This new footage from the Vault (via Polygon), a YouTube channel dedicated to uncovering and restoring builds of the similarly cancelled original third entry in the Star Wars: Battlefront shooter series, shows Fett in action, which we’ve only ever seen before in stills and concept art. The graphics and animation aren’t nearly as polished as in the above trailer—to be expected, considering it’s pre-release, non-final material from a game that never was—but in my opinion, it still makes Star Wars: 1313 look even better:

Watching Boba Fett traverse different sections of Coruscant’s underworld, through level 1313's bars and over buildings, really hints at the potential of the game. There’s been very little exploration of the planet other than the Jedi temple and the Senate chambers throughout Star Wars (outside of Clone Wars’ final season taking a look at the Coruscanti citizens left behind by the war), so despite being a decade old, 1313 still feels like it could have debuted something new and fresh. Of course, the game this video has me imagining in my mind’s eye is pretty epic, so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that the game was reportedly already having major issues before Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise, and then closed LucasArts completely in 2013.


Since Disney gave the Star Wars video game license to EA the following year and the company hasn’t mentioned 1313 once since then, it’s probably safe to say that the game will remain canceled. Which is a shame, I think; I would have really loved to experience this new part of the galaxy. Although to be fair, I love to experience any new part of the galaxy.

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