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Who better to teach your kids than the Dark Lord of the Sith? This Star Wars Darth Vader Laptop is geared toward young, malleable minds (and, secretly, the rest of us) and employs a lightsaber-shaped pointing device to select from 50 different games. Children can expect to have their memory, typing abilities, and coordination tested, while building their reflexes and musical talents. The product description makes no mention of what Force powers the laptop teaches, but, true to Vader's usual antics, "breathtaking activities" are hinted at.

Parents need to provide three AA batteries for the laptop to work and there is a headphone jack for quiet play. The provided lightsaber might not cut through any material in the galaxy, but it does make noise when it's moved around. Interestingly, your child can also choose to learn as a Jedi, though Vader still acts as the teacher. Yeah, we all know how that'll turn out. [Oregon Scientific]