Star Wars Merch Has Escaped Galaxy's Edge and Landed at Target

It won’t quite be the same as visiting the Toydarian Toymaker, but Galaxy’s Edge merch is coming to Target.
It won’t quite be the same as visiting the Toydarian Toymaker, but Galaxy’s Edge merch is coming to Target.
Photo: Disney Parks

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, one could only buy merchandise from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the actual Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions in Disneyland or Disney World. Soon though, that will no longer be the case.


Starting on August 30, Target stores will become the exclusive “Trading Outpost” for the popular Star Wars-branded theme park areas. The stores won’t have everything you can get in the theme parks—no custom lightsabers or blue milk just yet—but they will have merchandise inspired by the stories being told in the park from some of the biggest companies out there: Lego, Hasbro, Funko, and others.

Here’s a little gallery of a few items that are coming to stores.

What’s unique about these pieces is that while almost all of the merchandise inside Galaxy’s Edge is presented as if it’s real merchandise being sold on the faraway planet of Batuu, these products are directly inspired by the park itself. That Falcon is based on the Falcon that’s in the park. The Lego is a ship you yourself walk into on Rise of the Resistance. DJ-Rex is the DJ in Galaxy’s Edge bar Oga’s Cantina. So for fans who have been to the parks, these pieces are a nice remembrance. For fans who haven’t, they’re a tease of what they’re missing. It’s all very cool.

And don’t worry. When and if both Galaxy’s Edge locations start running again (the Florida one is open with California still closed), there are still PLENTY of exclusives you can only get there. Here’s one of our favorites...

The Target Galaxy’s Edge merch was available for pre-order but, unsurprisingly, quickly sold out. It’ll go on sale officially on August 30.


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I’ll, admit, RoS’s somewhat questionable quality has dampened my enthusiasm for Galaxy’s Edge, but there’s so much other stuff there not totally tied to the sequels that I think I would still have an absolute blast.