Star Wars Rebels First Full Trailer Sows The Seeds Of Rebellion

In honor of Star Wars day, check out the first full trailer for Star Wars Rebels. It's definitely too early to if this will live up to the legacy of Star Wars: Clone Wars, but it certainly has its own tone. Instead of the subtle evil of the Republic, you can feel the full force of the Empire as Star Destroyers black out the sky and Storm Troopers patrol the streets. It'll make for an interesting dynamic, but I'm still waiting to see how this fits into Disney's new Star Wars continuity



NO! NO! NO! There are no Jedis left! That's the whole fucking point of the original trilogy. Luke is the only Jedi, all the rest were killed off in Episode 3. None of the continuity makes any fucking sense unless this is true. Fuck Lucas, fuck LucasFilm, fuck Disney if they break this.