Star Wars Rebels Just Sent Shockwaves Across The Entire Star Wars Galaxy

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This was the kind of Star Wars Rebels episode I truly love. One that added a whole new layer of mystery to not just the show, but the Star Wars universe as a whole. And this mystery has to do with Inquisitors.

Last season, a single Inquisitor was the primary adversary of the Rebels. This being used a lightsaber, The Force, but was not a Sith. Instead, he was employed by a Sith–Darth Vader–to help track down the remaining Jedi. Well, that Inquisitor was killed by Kanan and this episode introduced not one, but two new Inquisitors. That’s bad news for the Rebels, but great news for fans of Star Wars.

Titled Always Two There Are, this week’s episode began with Sabine, Zeb and Chopper being assigned to go to an old Republic base for medical supplies. Ezra then decides he wants to tag along, instead of listening to Rex and Kanan bicker back and forth.


The group ends up at an abandoned space station and things go okay until Chopper gives power to station, alerting the Rebel presence to the Empire. At that point, one Inquisitor leaves a Star Destroyer to meet our heroes and, it seems, another may have already been laying in wait at the station.

The first Inquisitor, a female, encounters Ezra and Sabine, armed with the same spinning lightsaber that the original Inquisitor had. Then the second one arrives, a male, and Ezra sacrifices himself to let Sabine escape. Watch the clip below.

Now, we never learn the names of these Inquisitors but we know from the press materials they’re the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother, voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Philip Anthony-Rodriguez. The implication is that, below the Grand Inquisitor, there are/were at least seven underlings, of which these are number Five and Seven.


As Five goes after Sabine, Seven toys with Ezra, taunting him about Kanan’s lack of Jedi training. She says the fact he killed the Grand Inquisitor was a shock, but it opened opportunities for others. She also suggests he should give up his training because the Jedi are gone. When Ezra disagrees, Seven says they know about Ahsoka Tano. Curious. How could that be?

Meanwhile Five gets Sabine, Zeb meets Chopper and the two devise a plan to get Ezra and Sabine out of there. Despite the combined Force powers of the Inquisitors, the plan actually works and the Rebels get back to base. There, Ezra tells a stunned Kanan that not only are there more Inquisitors, but they know about Ashoka.


Okay, here’s the good stuff. We know with the exception of Palpatine and Vader, the Imperials don’t believe in the Force. They do employ Inquisitors though and we now know there are a bunch of them. We don’t, however, know how many are alive and how many are dead, with the exception of the Grand Inquisitor.


So are Five and Seven the only ones still out there, as suggested by the title of the episode? If not, why are they being sent out to look for these Jedi instead of Inquisitors with higher ranks? If they aren’t the last ones, where are the others? Are the numbers rankings or just a count?

Also, where do they they come from? Who trained them in the ways of the Force? How powerful are they with the Force? If they aren’t Sith, what are they? Were they once Jedi? Is this weird middle ground what Kylo Ren is in The Force Awakens, several decades later? Are Inquisitors later the Knights of Ren?


We all asked some of these questions last season but the appearance of not just two more Inquisitors, but the possibility of more, adds a whole new dimension to Star Wars as a whole. “Always two there are, no more, no less, a master and an apprentice.” But that may not necessarily be true anymore, because of this mysterious group of lightsaber-wielding badasses called Inquisitors. No longer do you need to be a Jedi or Sith to use the Force, and no longer are you limited by numbers. And that’s the kind of stuff I love about Star Wars Rebels.


In this episode, the story was okay, action fun and humor good, but when a simple Disney XD show can create waves across the entire Star Wars universe, Rebels is at its best.

And adding bits like this are just icing on the cake. Zeb, let the Clone win.


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