Star Wars-Themed Christmas Light Show Is So Excessive And So Amazing

So you know when you strung up three reels of Christmas lights and a flashing reindeer, and thought you'd won decorations for 2014? Forget it. Forget it all. A music teacher from California has lit up his entire property, added a 17-foot guitar, and set the entire thing to a Star Wars mash-up.


The five-minute lightshow — which, by the way, would put most professional stage crews to shame with its precision and choreography — involves about 100,000 lights and 12,500 lighting channels, according to the creator. Revel in the magic, and just be glad you don't live next door. [YouTube]

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Tom BetGeorge

Hello! I am the creator of the display. The beams never shine on neighbors and all my neighbors are super supportive as I raise money for the homeless in the area. FAA is down the street and they don't mind as long as it's not lasers etc. I also carefully planned the beams to avoid flight paths. The instruments are there because if you watch my videos closely, I like to show the real notes that are being played since I am a music teacher. Anyhow, thanks for showing my display! It's been fun :)