Stash Your Extra SD Cards In This Adorably Tiny Leica Camera

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If you're heading out for a day of shooting, or even on a vacation, it's a good idea to bring along a few extra SD cards. Not only for those times when you run out of storage, but as cheap insurance that you won't lose your shots. By swapping out cards occasionally, you're helping to ensure that if one card dies, you won't lose all of your photos. And what could possibly be a more stylish way to carry an extra pair of SD cards than a miniature Leica camera?


Handcrafted by an enterprising fellow named Walter Pretorius from brass and aircraft aluminum, the tiny camera features a removable bottom held on by magnets that lets you stash two SD cards when not in use. A small wrist strap also lets you tether the card holder to your camera's own strap for easy access. As for the price? Since it is kind of a Leica, it also shares its big brother's outrageous pricing, and will set you back $185. But at least that includes free shipping. [Walter Leica via PetaPixel]

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Leica people are the worst. The absolute worst.