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StashKit Foldable Bike Helmet Gives You Less to Lug Around

Illustration for article titled StashKit Foldable Bike Helmet Gives You Less to Lug Around

You know that you really should be wearing a helmet when you go biking. The problem is, when you get to wherever it is you biked to, you've now got a big, bulky helmet to carry around. How annoying. That wouldn't be the case if you had a Stashkit, a helmet that folds up for easy portability. It's the perfect way to keep that melon of yours intact without having to lug a helmet around with you all day. [Product Page via]


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Some mechanics 101 here...

Bike helmets don't work by just absorbing impact but also by distributing it around the head.

Most bike helmets rated for even 20MPH collisions can be easily broken into little bits just by jumping up and down on them.

I've witnessed first hand a guy taking a flying splat into a tree at 45MPH during a downhill mountain bike run wearing a "run of the mill" Giro helmet. He walked away from it with a broken collarbone (sucks), and a mild concussion. The helmet was blown to bits... but his skull wasn't.

Point being, if it compresses and passes energy >around< the skull, it works whether it folds or not.

CPSC's testing is pretty stock stuff... this would probably pass their minimum requirements.

And I'll still "get by" with my old Bell that has an integrated roll cage.