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Steampunk Nerf Rifle Lets You Get Victorian on Someone's Ass

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Those of you who like steampunk, and the clarinet gun mod in particular, will love Professor Shagnasty's Model 101 Steampunk Nerf Assault Rifle. Looks amazing, and comes with "Halofex targeting device" or plasmatical ejector, manual and an "electron recharging stand." That is to say, a green light and a display stand... because this masterpiece is just a foam-dart firing toy after all. It's based on a Nerf Longshot and contains real vintage pieces, including 19th Century gas lamp parts vintage aircraft bits. It's a one-off, but it is for sale on Ebay— offers over $125 by the look of it, and closing tonight. [Ebay]