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Stephanie Hsu Put Everything Into Her Everything Everywhere Audition

The audition tape for the young star of the hit Michelle Yeoh movie shows the multi-universal entity Jobu Tupaki coming to life.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Stephanie Hsu as Jobu Tupaki in Everything Everywhere All at Once
Image: A24

Stephanie Hsu rocked my world earlier this year when she exploded (literally) onto screens as the intra-dimensional being of ultimate power, Jobu Tupaki. As Everything Everywhere All at Once became a critical darling and is now starting to attract Oscar attention, A24 has released Hsu’s audition for Joy Wang/Jobu Tupaki, and fellas, it really is everything on a bagel.


Hsu was not playing around! Even in this audition, it’s clear that she had the vision of Jobu rocketing around multiple different universes at the same time. This is what drove her to madness, and what led her to decide that her ultimate goal should be the complete destruction of the multiverse. It’s incredibly cool to see Hsu work in this kind of pared-down environment, and it only cements the fact that she brought something incredibly special to the set and this performance.

Stephanie Hsu Is Going to Commit “So Many Murders”
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Stephanie Hsu Is Going to Commit “So Many Murders”

“The Daniels [who directed the film] surprised me by showing this clip to an audience at the Hamptons Film Festival when I was receiving the Breakthrough Artist Award,” Hsu said to Deadline. “I had never seen it! The first thing I said after I saw the clips was, ‘Woah, I guess I really understood this movie!’”


The film is currently doing numbers at various award shows in America, and there’s a lot of buzz around Michelle Yeoh’s performance as well. If she’s not at least in contention for a Best Actress award during this year’s Oscars, something will have absolutely gone wrong.

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