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Steven Universe Has a Futuristic New Name and Opening Sequence

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
There they are, in the future.
Gif: Cartoon Network

It’s been over four years since Steven Universe debuted a new opening sequence showcasing just how much Steven and the Gems have grown and changed. But now that The Movie has warped the Crystal Gems into p future, it makes all the sense in the world that the series’ next season would begin with an updated introduction completed with new mysterious new characters and mysteries.

In typical Steven Universe fashion, the new opening—which reveals the show is now officially titled Steven Universe Future—is short, but it’s so jam-packed with details about Steven Universe’s future (literally!) that it’s worth watching more than a few times. A new arrangement of “Here We Are in the Future” replaces “We Are the Crystal Gems” as the series’ signature theme, and it’s finally being sung by the full Crystal Gem team—and not just Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl, and Steven.


Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth have gotten in on the action, but they aren’t alone. Spinel, the Diamonds, and a number of other Gems from Beach City’s Little Homeworld are also featured prominently, suggesting that the series is really going to lean into the idea that Earth and Homeworld really have become much, much more intertwined after the events of “Change Your Mind” and Steven Universe: The Movie.

Steven Universe Future Main Title

What’s most interesting about the new title sequence is the brief shot of the new arc’s villains. Apparently Aquamarine and Jasper still have a bone to pick with the Crystal Gems and they’re set to be joined by a new pair of dark Lapis Lazulis, a Steven-esque cactus monster, some kind of huge Gem monster, and...potentially White Diamond, from the looks of things. The new season set to focus on Steven realizing that he’s solved basically all of everyone else’s problems meaning that he’s finally got to properly focus on his own baggage without any distractions.


After unveiling the new opening sequence this year’s New York Comic Con, Rebecca Sugar also announced that Steven Universe Future is a an epilogue to the series, meaning that when it premieres...some time in the future, it will bring Steven’s epic story to an end.

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