By establishing how Pearl, like all Pearls presumably, was created to be an assistant and stan for her owners, Steven Universe: The Movie adds a new layer of complexity to the character’s larger journey because it makes her ultimate rebellion feel that much more substantial. Ironically, the movie gives you the distinct sense that Pink Diamond was never really in control as much as she might have thought herself to be, and that she would have been inclined to take cues from the people around her as she figured out what kind of presence she wanted to establish on Earth. Pearl began as a follower, but with time, a bit of guidance, and space, she was able to come into her own in a way that would have made Pink proud.


What’s going to be interesting to see should Steven Universe continue is whether the series ends up doing anything with this weird facet of Pearl’s origins, because it’s ripe with opportunity for storytelling that fleshes out more of the Gems’ culture. We’ve always known that the Gems were, you know, weird, but to see that weirdness borne out in these kinds of eccentric ways is thrilling, and only makes you want to see more of it given the space to shine on the small screen.

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