Stick Some Real Deal Gaming Buttons on Your iPhone

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Click to viewThis Kickstarter project from Joystickers, a Chicago-based mobile accessories startup, features two nice looking styluses, but they're not what I'm excited about. No, the real I'm-gonna-kick-a-few-bucks-their-way appeal comes with the Classic, a set of simple, stick-on videogame buttons for iPhones, iPads, and other touchscreen devices.


Non-damaging micro-suction cup materials sticks the buttons to the screen anywhere you'd like, and a conductive plunger taps the on-screen buttons of whatever game you happen to be playing. You can remove 'em as much as you like and stick 'em back on wherever. You can preorder a pair of the buttons, which are expected to arrive sometime around May, by donating $30 to the Joystickers Kickstarter. An excellent way to climb up those Game Center scoreboards. [Kickstarter]



Has anyone used an icontrolpad yet? I'm really tempted to get one. I'm wondering how the buttons and analog sticks feel.