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Stiletto to have Bluetooth?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I've been beating you folks over the head with Stiletto news for a good month now, but this one is important, I promise. We first saw the official detail sheet about the Stiletto back in the middle of August. One little feature that was not mentioned was Bluetooth. Eliot Van Buskirk with Wired News seems to think otherwise:

Aside from Wi-Fi and a satellite reciever, the slim Stiletto 100 packs Bluetooth, meaning that might let users link to other Stiletto users...


So, does Van Buskirk know something that we don't? If this is true I'm getting a little concerned about the battery life for this thing. Satellite, Wi-Fi, and now Bluetooth?

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P.S. You can now preorder the Stiletto (both models) over at Crutchfield.