Stop Panicking, You Can Still Open Up Your iPhone With A $2.35 Screwdriver

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Earlier there was worry that Apple's freaky "pentalobe security screws" would prevent us from opening up our iPhones. Turns out that we're only $2.35 (plus shipping!) away from tampering with our gadgets again thanks to a wholesaler.


Keep in mind that there's no guarantee that this wholesaler isn't some shady operation and looking to profit off panicking iPhone owners—in other words, be careful if you place an order. [SW-Box via CrunchGear]



Okay, Apple using custom screws isn't a big deal.

To people who hate Apple products:

You think everyone who buys an Apple product is an idiot. If that's true, they probably wouldn't open up their iPhones anyway.

To people who love Apple products:

You're on this website so you're obviously nerd enough to come up with a home made solution or buy a screwdriver that can remove the screws. But really, what reason do you have to be getting in there?

Buuuut... What is a big deal is Apple replacing normal screws on an already purchased iPhone with new custom screws. If you buy a product and that product malfunctions and you take it in to get it repaired, it should come back just the way you sent it, only fixed. And if there's a real reason to switch out a perfectly normal functioning part with a new part then they should ask for permission. Like say they created a new glass back that was less likely to crack. I would be fine for them to replace the old back with the new one, but they should still have to ask first.