For those who watch the Weather Channel nonstop or the others not even reading this post since they're out back digging their storm cellar/fallout shelter, the Stormtracker Weather Alert Device may be the hot item this season.

While the weather radio and 5" black and white screen (the picture is a lie) scream of 80s tech, the rest of this rechargeable Apocalypse-pack is updated to near-Gizmodo standards. Two lights, one area light and one flashlight, are both constructed from power-sipping LEDs (which you'll be thankful for when the radioactive monsters are chasing you for weeks on end).


But the most surprising feature...

...was the cellphone charging station with an included universal adapter kit. So when you're starving to death in a post-mega hurricane wasteland, you can just dial for a pizza.


Product Page [via uberreview]