Stormy Software Pushes Everex Cloudbook Launch Back to Feb.

If you were suiting up to brave the cold and make the long, arduous journey to Wal-Mart (or today to pick up Everex's $399 potential Eee PC blood-rival, the Cloudbook, just strip back down, plop back into your chair, and make a big mug of cocoa. Like enough to last you until late February, since that's the earliest you'll be able to snag a Cloudbook now.


Everex is holding back the Cloudbook for nearly a month to make "a couple of last-minute software tweaks," presumably to gOS, its Ubuntu-based Linux mutation. As long as it's more intuitive than the XO Laptop's OS, it should be in good shape—its biggest asset is its Wally World distribution channel, which might help secure a slice of a market already reaching saturation, at least judging by slowing Eee PC sales on Amazon. [CW]

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