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Streampix: Comcast's Answer to Its Netflix Problem?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Comcast is about to launch Xfinity Streampix, a new video-on-demand service for Comcast subscribers. Will this really keep people from quitting cable to sign up for Netflix?

Oh great, yet another video streaming service. Streampix will allow Comcast customers to access what appears to be a huge pool of content on their TVs, tablets, and laptops no matter where they are. According to the announcement:

This new service complements the 75,000 TV shows and movies currently available on Xfinity On Demand, and through the Xfinity TV app. To launch Streampix, Comcast has entered into licensing agreements with leading movie studios and programming providers including Disney-ABC Television Group*, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Cookie Jar and built a line-up of top-rated content, which is available starting this week.


So basically, it's Netflix for Comcast subscribers. If there's one perk, it's that it will be cheaper than Netflix (as long as you ignore the price of a cable subscription). Streampix will be free to Comcast customers who subscribe to the "triple-play package" and will cost $4.95 for people with other variations of Comcast service.

Maybe Comcast will be able to leverage the NBCUniversal content it owns to create a service that people want to spring for. In the past, the company has demonstrated a willingness to keep its most popular content to itself. The question remains: Will a streaming service with exclusive content keep you from quitting cable? [Comcast]