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Street View Hits Mars With This 4-Gigapixel Panoramic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's been no shortage of Mars pictures since Curiosity landed. We've got Martian mountains, rover selfies, the works. But thanks to a little image stitching by a clever dude back here on Earth, now we have Mars Street View, kind of.


Photographer Andrew Bodrov took a whopping 407 of the pictures Curiosity took with its narrow and medium cameras and hooked them together to make a four gigapixel, 360 Mars-globe, the likes of which you'd expect from a Martian Street View UFO.

What's even wilder is that the seemingly seamless scene wasn't actually taken all at once or even close to it; the pictures that make it up were taken over a series 13, monotonus Martian days, which are just about a half hour longer than our own. If you thought you wanted to go to Mars, maybe this will help you cool your jets a bit. Ain't much more to see in person. [Andrew Bodrov via PetaPixel]