Stupid Guy Sues Microsoft for $5 Million Because Halo 3 Crashed His Xbox 360

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Randy Nunez's Xbox 360 is being beaten to death by Halo 3, so that it "routinely, consistently, and systematically 'froze,' 'crashed,' or 'locked up.'" Naturally, this "disrupted game play." For his pain and suffering of having to reset his console to resume getting teabagged, he wants $5 million and class action status, 'cause "many consumers" are having these issues. Sorry. My bad. I take full responsibility for shooting people in the face that hard. I thought I was just knocking them off the internet, but apparently it's crashing their 360s too. I apologize. But seriously.

As Ars points out, Microsoft's been pretty public and all apologetic about the rampant Red Ring plague, dumping a billion dollars into seriously (and appropriately) extended warranties for repairs multiple times, and beefing up hardware to take the heat. More importantly, the Xbox 360 was killed by Halo with the candlestick in the living room connection is a thread that hasn't exactly lit up the internet or the media, and they (we) love jumping on that kind of stuff.


Our verdict? Bogus and unnecessary. We sentence you to death by Needler. Before they put it on steroids. [Ars]