Supposed Mac Mini 2009 Spy Shot Shows So Many USB Ports

Illustration for article titled Supposed Mac Mini 2009 Spy Shot Shows So Many USB Ports

This supposed Mac Mini 2009 spy shot from Macrumors Forum shows the bum-side of the new small-Mac design. What's new? Besides the aluminum finish, there's FIVE USB PORTS.


There's also an Ethernet port, Firewire, Mini DisplayPort and the old style mini DVI Mac display port? Two display ports? That seems odd. In any case, if this is real, it looks quite nice—and you can probably bet it'll run with at least the new Nvidia 9400 graphics chipset found in the newer MacBook and MacBook Pros. [Macrumors Forum via Apple Insider via 9 to 5 Mac]

Update: Adjusted credit. The image actually wasn't from Apple Insider, it was from Macrumors' Forums. Apple Insider just watermarked it for some reason.



Being a desktop, it better come with at least one of those connection adapters for the display, since you have no choice but to use one, unlike the laptops. Also, this phasing out of FW400 is strange. I guess 800 is ok, but I'm sure you'd need a faster drive than the standard 5,400 RPM drives that current mini's presently ship with, though 7,200's may end up being available when this drops.