Survival Kit Coat Guarantees You'll Endure The Cold or Any Emergency

Having trouble justifying $600 for a winter coat that only promises to help you survive a cold winter? Perhaps a similarly priced jacket chock full of survival tools that promises to help you survive any situation might sound like a better investment.

Rocky's S2V Provision coat is made from 20,000 millimeter waterproof (meaning it can be submerged to a depth of about 66 feet before leaking) stretchable polyester with sealed seams and pitted vents for ample climate control. But what really sets it apart is the well-equipped toolkit of rescue gear hidden around its interior. It comes with a flashlight, compass, emergency blanket, glow stick, whistle, saw, signal mirror, medical kit, and a removable powder skirt that serves double-duty as a rescue signal.


You can also attach an included Survival Grenade which wraps fishing hooks, wire, needles, firestarter, blades, and tin foil in 10 feet of paracord. It's like wearing a jacket made from Leatherman multitools—except it's, you know, comfortable.

[Rocky via Gizmag]

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