When bees swarm, a natural process when looking for a place to set up a new colony, they have the tendency to pick some strange locations as a temporary home. Case in point, this truck just chilling near a hotel in downtown Winnipeg.


According to CBC News, bees tend to swarm when their current hives are too warm. Even though it’s a menacing sight, the bees are usually at their most docile during the swarming process. The worker bees escort their queen to a secure location until scouts can find a more stable home, in this case a secure-seeming GMC pickup. Once beekeepers were able to locate the queen on the truck and place her in a box, most of the hive eagerly followed. Eventually, these bees were relocated to a nearby apiary.

This May, a similar bee swarm occurred in Wales when a vehicle became the unwilling home of a buzzing swarm of 20,000 bees. Reportedly, when the queen flew into the car and became trapped, the entire colony attacked the vehicle.

Well, you certainly can’t call bees disloyal.

[CBC News]


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