Swede Teen's Improved Water Bottle Can Be Filled Anywhere

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In a world where adults walk around with water containers hanging out of their mouths just like babies suckling their bottles in their cribs, the water bottle business is obviously booming. Here's a teenager who figured out how to improve the containers that carry around water, but not the store-bought kind. Swedish 15-year-old Anna Axelsson noticed how difficult it is to fill larger water bottles in shallow sinks, so she added another twist cap on the side, making it easy to fill from a horizontal position. It's now on sale for five bucks at Swedish sporting good stores. The idea is good enough to spread across the world. Maybe it will help persuade people to give up their infantile attachment to rip-off bottled water, perhaps someday realizing that in double-blind testing New York City tap water does just as well as even the most expensive Agua De Culo. [Oh Gizmo, via bb Gadgets]