Sweded Tron Movie Is Probably Best Sweded Movie Ever

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While it's not the entire movie, this sweded lightcycle scene from Tron, every computer geek's favorite movie this side of War Games, has to be the best sweded version of a film in the entire history of sweded films. It may not be as funny as the hilarious sweded BigDog quadruped robot or the sweded Star Wars after the jump, but the execution of its cardboardish cheesiness is absolutely perfect.


And yes, I like to say "swede." I like swedes, some of my best friends are swedes, and I want to move to Sweden. I can't have enough of the TIE Fighters here either.

[StarWars Blog]



The TRON movie was pretty good, but didn't anyone else notice how the light cycles often strayed off of the grid? Particularly noticeable when they went in to the "maze". There should have been two open grid-lines for the two light cycles, but often there was only one.