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In possible relation to the recent The Pirate Bay raiding and other news it seems that the Swedish police website was victim of a denial of service attack that shut down the website and it still remains shut down as of now. Hit the jump for more details.


Piratpartiet, a Swedish political party that shares similar views on copyright as TPB does said that the raid is illegal. Piratpartiet also accused the Swedish government of being pressured by American media giants. As we mentioned earlier today, TPB also believes that the raid was illegal and has vowed to get the site back up in a different country.

Honestly, DoS attack on a police website isn't always the best idea. Yeah they were baddies taking away the TPB servers, but having the official police website down could harm the country even more by hindering levels of communication within the police force. Come on pirates, couldn't you have just egged the police stations? – Travis Hudson


Yarr! Swedish police site broadsited after Pirate Bay raid [Arstechnica]