Swelling Batteries Prompt Extension on Apple Watch Warranty

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Apple is pretty great about honoring its warranties and even recently changed its policy on fourth generation iPads to allow for an upgrade if something’s wrong with the device. Now, the Cupertino computing giant is giving customers an extra two years of coverage in case that expensive watch face pops off.

It’s unknown just how widespread the battery swelling issue is. Users have reported issues and posted photos on Reddit, Apple’s official support forums, and Twitter. Here’s what it looks like when that battery swells up.


An internal email to Apple Authorized Service Providers was first obtained by 9to5 Mac that notifies specialists of the warranty extension. The full warranty will now cover the Apple Watch for three years instead of one. That’s just in time for the second anniversary of the first generation of the device.


Since Apple has not made a formal announcement to consumers, the battery swelling issue is not believed to be widespread. It appears that the company is simply playing it safe and getting ahead of any negative reports by ensuring that a repaired or replacement device will be available for anyone who experiences that telltale cracking in the display.

Users should not necessarily be worried about Samsung Note 7 style explosions. Battery swelling can be caused by overcharging, overheating, and other damage that occurs. It doesn’t appear that the Apple Watch will suddenly set your wrist on fire. So, if you have an Apple Watch that’s getting older or is already broken, you may have just gotten a new lease on its life.


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