Synaptics' Boomerang Buttonless Remote Control Concept Might Not Catch On

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This Boomerang concept by interface company Synaptics is supposed to illustrate a few different input methods for remotes to control TVs and DVD players. Although it's buttonless, the Boomerang still has a TouchPad (like the one on your notebook), as well as gesture recognition for stuff like channel switching or volume control. Kinda neat in a pie in the sky sorta way, but they've got a few more interesting tech concepts jammed in as well.

Synaptics' dynamic user interface solutions allow a variety of layout options and adaptive menus. The Boomerang demonstrates how capacitive technology and gesture recognition can improve the function of universal remote controls. Examples include:

* DualMode - highlights images of living areas on the remote TouchPad to help control home devices

* Proximity Sensing - remote activates and illuminates as user approaches and powers down when user moves away

* Feedback - remote provides visual, audio and tactile feedback to indicate when the user's command is recognized

* Dynamic Control - Gesture-based control pad customized to take full advantage of the digital home


It's unlikely that anyone but Synaptics employees and really early adopters will get to use these, seeing as any sort of motion gesture will lose out to the no-look channel change that people have gotten used to over the last few decades. [Synaptics via i4u]

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Yeah, waving my arm around to change the channel... that might burn calories... can't have that.