The North Face is partnering with a Japanese company to make new parkas from synthetic spider silk. And everyone’s favorite Minnesota dentist is in trouble with the law again due to allegedly illegal hunting practices. It’s What’s New Outside.

The trouble with Walter Palmer: The same guy who killed #CecilTheLion is now accused of “herding” deer using vehicles on a property he owns in Minnesota. There, Palmer was allegedly seen using his truck to keep deer from exiting a field. Herding with a motor vehicle is a misdemeanor in the state. When will this guy learn? [OutdoorHub]

A short history of the Bowie knife: This is a neat little writeup on one of the most famous knife designs ever, with a look at where it came from and what it’s turned into. [Field&Stream]

Non-woven Dyneema now comes in black: You’ll know this stuff from its use in high-tech packs and tarps, where it frequently goes by its “Cuben Fiber” brand name. And you’ll recognize it because it’s white. While some companies (notable First Ascent) print color onto the material, that’s not a long-lasting effect and it tends to wear off in short order. But now, this super-light, incredibly-strong super fabric can come in black too. And that’s going to open up a huge number of possibilities. Cuben fishing line anyone? [GearJunkie]


Softshells made from wasted material: New PNW-based outdoors gear maker Trew is cutting waste by making jackets from off-cuts from a factory floor. The Chop Shop is a nice, highly-breathable, water-resistant softshell jacket, just made in a fun variety of colored panels that come from a nice dose of sustainability. [Trew]


The North Face x Spiders: We all know that spider silk is crazy strong and crazy light. Now, The North Face has announced that it’s going to making parkas from a synthetic version of the material; expect them to share the same attributes. [FrequentGadget]

Robert Young Pelton designs an American knife: Friend and contributor RYP has a new knife design. The Dpx HEST/F Urban is a little more carry-friendly than my go-to EDC, the plain HEST/F, while for the first time being designed and made 100% in the USA. [Kickstarter]


A positive look for hunting: A yammer on about hunting because I love animals and I love the outdoors and hunting combines the two in one sustainable, humane, awesome way. But, that message tends to get lost due to assholes like ol’ Walt above. Check out this story from Mark Kenyon, who spent three years pursuing a single buck. That’s what it’s all about. [WiredToHunt]

Rare giant catfish caught in Cambodia: “It confirms that this incredibly rare and critically endangered freshwater species still occurs in Cambodia and it is still making its annual spawning migration out of the Tonle Sap Lake and into the Mekong River,” says the biologist who caught this monster. He released the seven-foot Mekong Giant Catfish alive and well. [University of Nevada, Reno]


What we’re up to: Can’t believe Thanksgiving is already on us next week! I just put my money where my mouth is and bought the new Exped Megamat Duo sleeping pad for Lara and I, after calling the single-person version “More comfortable than the very expensive Tempurpedic memory foam mattress I use at home.” already carries the duo for $50 less than retail and is doing a 20% off sale right now, so the thing was a steal. I’ve confirmed that Scott and I will be hunting Turkeys in Big Sur, prior to Thanksgiving dinner and am going to try and nab a doe this weekend with a backpack and a bow.

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