T-Mobile Holding Press Conference Friday October 6 to Announce UMTS

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According to eWeek Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA will be holding a press conference on Friday, October 6, to announce their plans for 3G deployment here in the States. Apparently,

"T-Mobile will announce UMTS on 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz," said analyst Roger Entner, vice president of the London-based research and consulting company Ovum.


Our T-Mobile contact has this to say:

Leaders from Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA will present and field questions on the current state of the business for DT and T-Mobile USA, as well as the recent FCC Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) auction.

All this thanks to the large chunks of spectrum they won on the 1700MHz and 2100Mhz band for UMTS use. It should take about a year and a half for deployment to be completed, but devices using 3G should show up sooner rather than later.


T-Mobile to Announce UMTS, Sources Say [eWeek]

The photo is from the press conference for Into the Blue. We thought you'd like to see that more than you'd like to see execs from T-Mobile. In our minds, Jessica Alba is the new T-mobile spokeswoman, replacing aging hottie Catherine Zeta Jones. Actually in our minds Jessica Alba is the spokeswoman for just about everything.


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